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One time self-destructing links with 1time.info

Use http://1time.info to send one-time links with sensitive messages, photos or attached files that will self-destruct after viewing once (eg. passwords, credentials, naked photos ;). Add the app to home screen and share with native apps on your phone.

One-time links (also known as temporary links or ephemeral links) are links that can only be used once or for a limited period of time. They are often used for security purposes or to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. For example, a one-time link can be used to reset a password, or to allow a recipient to download a file for a limited time.

Once a one-time link is used, it becomes inactive and cannot be used again. Some services that generate one-time links also provide the option to set an expiration time for the link, after which it will no longer be active even if it hasn’t been used yet.

To generate a one-time link, you can use a unique identifier that can be stored on a server, paired with the link. When the link is accessed, the server checks the identifier and confirms that it has not been used before. If the identifier has not been used, the server allows access to the information and marks the identifier as used. If the identifier has already been used, the server denies access and returns an error message.