The purpose of this free database of license plates is to allow anyone that had their vehicle or license plate stolen to report it here. Any found vehicles and license plates can also be reported so their owners can locate them. In order to report a vehicle OR license plate as stolen or found/located please search for your plate number and fill the quick form on the page with your number. Doing this will mark the number/vehicle as stolen or found/located and display it in red along with the email of the person that reported it.

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Recently reported

R1HEYEEIPE reported stolen on 06/12/2019. [contact]
1316XYX reported stolen on 06/12/2019 . [contact]
27JXW6IWMOY5 reported stolen on 04/12/2019 . [contact]
E6278BX reported found on 03/12/2019 . [contact]
CB0068HH reported found on 03/12/2019 . [contact]
BH805 reported found on 01/12/2019 . [contact]
B6852H reported stolen on 30/11/2019 . [contact]
BH2716BT reported found on 29/11/2019 . [contact]
BA1346CC reported found on 28/11/2019 . [contact]
BA1346CC reported stolen on 28/11/2019 . [contact]
CA8055HH reported stolen on 28/11/2019 . [contact]
E1058AP reported found on 28/11/2019 . [contact]
E1058AP reported found on 28/11/2019 . [contact]
KH7694AT reported found on 28/11/2019 . [contact]
B3901BH reported stolen on 28/11/2019 . [contact]
B3901BH reported stolen on 28/11/2019 . [contact]
B3901BH reported found on 28/11/2019 . [contact]
B3901BH reported stolen on 28/11/2019 . [contact]
BP5205XP reported found on 28/11/2019 . [contact]
Total stolen: 856Total found: 813

We are hoping to help recover some any stolen vehicles. Please send any success stories to us using the contact form. We will publish any success stories here. Like you and many people around the world we have been affected by crime and this lead us to developing this very simple platform to exchange information and help recover plates/vehicles and counter crime with the simple tools that we have (the Google search and this simple database of reports). The advantage of this database is that it shows in Google search results for license plates and this increases the chances of connecting people that look for and those that have found license plates and vehicles.

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