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VertiGone – dizziness and vertigo relief smartphone app

VertiGone is designed to help you with dizziness and non-spinning vertigo by supplying the brain with external balance information using the phone’s accelerometer to generate audio as head position feedback. The brain will learn the audio protocol and hopefully integrate it into its complex equilibrium system along with the information from the vestibular apparatus in the inner ears, vision/sight and proprioception. In case of damaged inner ears or bad integration of the biological sensory information, this new information channel may get the brain to adapt to any errors or better calibrate or reorganize the equilibrium hierarchy of sensory systems.

What to expect

You will hear different tones from left or right with different intensity when your head deviates left or right from the vertical. The more you lean the more intense the beeping becomes. It’s like a car park-tronic system that tells you the distance from the cars behind and ahead. The brain will hopefully link the variable tones and the side they come from to the variable incline of your head and start to use that information accordingly and HOPEFULLY that will improve our dizziness. Also try to be creative and come up with Vestibular Rehab Exercises when using it. Walk toes to heel with eyes open and then closed. Stay on one foot with eyes open and closed…you can read about VRT.


Download the app below. Put the phone in airplane mode to avoid prolonged radiowave exposure (IMPORTANT!) Put on your earphones so that when you lean left you hear a sound from left and vice versa (IMPORTANT). Adjust the volume to something comfortable. Strap the phone to the back of your head vertically (IMPORTANT!) with the screen facing out using an elastic band, so that when your head is in vertical position and you’re not moving you don’t hear any sounds. Now walk and do your business for a few hours daily using the VertiGone. As you go about try to think about what the different tones and their intensity means in terms of head and body position because the thought process will create new neural networks and pathways (IMPORTANT!). Believe in this process as you go because there is science behind it BUT placebo and focus/attention are not to underestimate in this condition nevertheless!

Download and use for FREE

Visit the following link with your Android smartphone (iPhone NOT supported at this time), download, open the app and install disregarding any warning from Google or the phone (trust me…my goal is not to steal your information, but rather to advance this and help us all out of this misery). The app will not create a shortcut on your phone so look it up in the list of installed apps (usually swipe up on main screen).




I need you to test it and see if we can advance this. Ideally we would calibrate/adapt our brains in days or weeks or God knows how long and get rid of the device. If not we can make it into a wearable wireless small headphone (maybe in just one ear)  with built in accelerometer so we don’t have to wear a phone on our head like idiots all the time.

If you think years of suffering in hell is enough, you want to advance this and especially if you have improved with VertiGone please Donate here for what your improvement is worth to you.

Do NOT steal or try to make business/profit out of this as God and thousands of dizzy desperate people like me will hunt you down and release our years’ worth of anger and fury upon you!!!

Feature Requests

  1. iOS/iPhone version (for now get any old or cheap Android phone. Android phones start at just $20 on Amazon so this is not a game stopper). Currently Android phones are 72% of the worldwide market of smartphones.
  2. Option to change tone frequency hz
  3. Option to use volume instead of tone pulse frequency. I.e. silent when head is pretty straight, gradually louder for each side, possibly of a different tone.
  4. Option for user specifiable dead zone when head is mostly straight e.g. +/- 5 degrees.

About the author

My name is Svetoslav Markov, I’m 40 and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I’m not a medical doctor or psychotherapist. I’m just one of you! I have been diagnosed with Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD formerly Chronic Subjective Dizziness/CSD) after 5 years of going to doctors. PPPD to me is a we-don’t-know-what-else-to-tell-you diagnosis. I have been in HELL because of my dizzy symptoms for about 5 years now and I have tried (just like you) everything under the sun in terms of tests, meds/drugs, rehab, alternative medicine, psychotherapy, religion, healers of all sorts without any improvement to my symptoms. I’m tired of the Vestibular Rehabilitation/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/SSRIs approach to dizziness as I have taken 10 SSRIs/SNRIs, done CBT for years and done VRT for years without any improvement. As my background is in Computer Science I have always thought about a technological solution to all this. After 5 years of wondering, exploring, reading, Googling and researching I am currently testing out this latest idea and betting all my hope on it.


Although this is just sound and it can’t hurt you please don’t overuse it. Also adjust the volume to something comfortable and bring it down as/if you improve. Use airplane mode on the phone to avoid prolonged exposure to radiation/radiowaves. Maybe get a cheap Android phone for that sole purpose so you can have your regular phone available for calls. Use at your discretion. I am not a doctor and I’m not forcing you to use it so I cannot be held accountable for any damage that I cannot currently even imagine. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Contact me

Facebook group for VertiGone: https://www.facebook.com/groups/881874495883901


“God/Brain help us eradicate this debilitating dizziness! Hallelujah!”