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Semantic Ltd works in close collaboration with other domestic as well as foreign IT companies. RP Design РWeb Services is one such major foreign partner company, based in Connecticut, USA, with which we intensely exchange experience, know-how, human resources and projects as well as implement joint projects.  This international collaboration has opened new markets for the services of both companies as well as allowed the companies to a foreign job market, thus leveraging their competitiveness by lowering the cost of their services and improving the quality.

We closely collaborate with Bulgarian IT companies like Solutions.bg, with which we exchange know-how and the implementation product stages in prusuing a more effective and quality end product and service for the customer.

Millenium Consult – Accounting Services
Accounting, Tax Preparation, Financial Audit with guaranteed precision and astonishing care for the customer interest.

Semantic Ltd welcomes new partners, offers and ideas in the IT field.Contact us now!